What are Set-up Fees?

Set up fees cover the cost of label composition, making plates and an initial printing of 6,000 labels.

Our private label process involves top of the line printing on a flexographic press and is the same process utilized on 90% of the products you see in your local supermarket.

First the final approved art is pre-flighted to insure that all the required elements necessary have been addressed.

Plates are then made from the vector art which are in turn used to print the layers of colored inks from which your label is composed.

Photo-quality images require the use of CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow and black to duplicate the image. Logos, illustrations, text and other objects may also be printed in CMYK or require the use of additional Pantone spot colors

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Contacting Ultra Pure

To discuss your private label bottled water needs and receive the best possible service we highly recommend you to call us at:

Ask for Lou Savinetti.

You can also email your inquiries to sales@nameyourbottle.com.  Please include name of the business, address and a contact number so we may contact you. We do not provide written or email quotes prior to talking personally.

Careers at Ultra Pure

Ultra Pure is seeking career minded sales professionals to join our sales team. Mail your resumes to careers@nameyourbottle.com for consideration. 


Email all art files and
Email art related questions to:


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Email quote requests to:

Save a copy on your local
computer once loaded.

16.9 oz. and 20 oz. template

1 liter template
8 oz. and 12 oz. Template



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